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Chasing the Wild

3 day adventure with 10 strangers

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What's all this?

I’ve both witnessed and been an advocate of how easily we, in our everyday lives say, “tomorrow” or “next week”. We find so many excuses like, I don’t know where to hike, bike, ride, swim, or meet new people. I don’t have the time right now to plan a trip or even an overnighter somewhere; I have far too much on my plate.

There’s no better time than now, and truly, there is no better place than here, the West Coast of Canada. We have oceanic coastlines, mountains both high and low, lakes, rivers and a young vibrant city full of opportunity.

We race through life chasing that next big audacious goal; whether it’s a good grade, promotion, new swag or new car. Rarely do we take time for ourselves to thrive where we as humans truly belong; in the wild, in the unfamiliar.

Ships are safe in a harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.

At Venture West Coast we’ve taken the unpleasant work out of adventure. We truly believe that life is about imagination and playfulness, wonderful people and unforgettable adventures.

All Expenses Paid Adventure

You will be taken through the best places BC has to offer.

For our next adventure you and a dozen other venture-teers will be traveling to the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Northwest of Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast is the perfect place for a weekend away from the hustle of the city. The Coast, being a perfect combination of beaches and mountains, is an awesome spot to be immersed in outdoor surroundings.

Days In Nature


Nights Under The Stars


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. ”

We will be departing Vancouver in our venture-mobile and taking BC Ferries over to Gibsons. After arriving on the coast we’ll drive up to Sechelt Inlet. Sea Kayaks will be waiting for us on the shores of the beach. We’ll be paddling a couple hours along the quiet and secluded coast line to our destination, a stretch of beach with our campsites waiting for us.

For our first night we’ll get a rip-roaring fire going and enjoy the stillness of the stunning coast. We’ll spend the following day exploring the nearby beaches, paths and shorelines by foot or kayak; you choose. We will have games and good-times for those interested as well as spots to seek out and enjoy. Do as little or as much as you’d like. This weekend is about you!

On day three we’ll rise with the sun and kayak back before heading to the ferry. Be ready for one of our favorite locations on the drive back. We’ll have you back in Vancouver Sunday night with time to chill and reflect on an epic weekend both refreshed and invigorated.

Weekend Itinerary

Day 1

  • Meet at Burrard Station at 7:30am sharp
  • Ferry over to Sunshine Coast
  • Get Wild
  • Lunch
  • Sea Kayak Introduction and Gear Drop
  • Paddle up the inlet to our beach location
  • Set up camp and explore
  • Dinner & Fire on the beach
  • Day 2

  • Breakfast on the beach
  • Get Wild
  • Explore the woods and beach by foot
  • Paddle along the shorelines by kayak
  • Lunch
  • Get Wild
  • Relax, chill and unwind
  • Dinner & Fire on the beach
  • Day 3

  • Breakfast on the beach
  • Pack up and paddle back down the inlet
  • Load the Venture-mobile and depart for the ferry
  • Lunch
  • Get Wild
  • Ferry back to Vancouver
  • Drop-Off at Burrard Station
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